Product Upgrade at Salt Lick Safari Lodge


Dear Partner,

Firstly thank you for all the support you have given us over the years. In our quest to improve guest experience and overall comfort in the bathroom at Salt Lick Safari Lodge we will be carrying out a complete refurbishment of the water piping and reticulation system. It will also involve bathrooms upgrades to enhance the overall shower experience while at the same time installing new system that will help us avoid wasting water as we strive to go green in our lodge operations. This upgrade is confined to one wing where all rooms are being enhanced and are currently closed with the other guest room wind being fully operational.  This project will take around 60 days commencing on the 15th/ April /2021. This project will be carried in two phases East & West wing. One wing will remain open while work goes on in the other wing.

During the renovation, work will commence from 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs daily. As a result, there will be some construction noise and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. The health and safety of our guests and staff remain our greatest priority.

Salt Lick Safari Lodge continually strives to be the best Safari Lodge in the region and we appreciate your continued support during this time and throughout the renovations.

Despite the challenges facing global tourism we are very optimistic that travel will resume sooner rather than later, hence our desire that our mutual guests find a refreshed and renewed product on their return to our fine property. We wish to assure you that we remain fully committed to improving our three brands The Safari Lodge, The Safari Resort & The Wildlife Sanctuary to be icons in the greater Tsavo Ecosystem. We have a clear vision to further enhance the overall guest experience now and in the future.

We truly appreciate your support and we look forward to a brighter future together. We are excited about the opportunities and shall always keep you updated on the progress of the planned upgrade. Once completed it will be a great honour to host you and show you around.

Yours Sincerely,


Mohammed Hersi
Group Director Of Operations

Taita Hills and Salt Lick Wildlife Resort Limited

Safari Helpful Tips


Kennedy Uduny

There are a whole host of things to consider before you set off exploring Africa, the world’s most magical continent. Suggestions include what to pack and how to make the most of your time. We hope these will help you in some way when planning your next safari.


What is a safari without taking a couple of pictures to share with your friends, family or to reminisce over long after your trip? These days most phones have pretty decent cameras so this would work too.

Pair Of Binoculars

Often the animals are far away and if they aren’t a Big Five animal, your guide most likely won’t be able to go off-roading to get closer so the binoculars will definitely come in handy. Also surprisingly there are some amazing birds that you will see on safari and you are going to want some binoculars to get a closer view of them.

Favourable Clothes

You need shorts and t-shirts or light trousers for the daytime. Neutral tones like beige, khaki, stone and brown don’t show the dirt and dust that you will be exposed to while on Safari.

Wide Brimmed Hat

This is to shade you from the sun – this should have straps because when standing in the van or jeep it could be blown off.

Walking Boots

Often your safari can include bush walks where you will walk with your ranger and tracker by foot looking for animals and learning about the smaller things on Safari like the plants and insects, boots are a must for this. You never know what you might find on Safari and I doubt you would want to find a snake on your bush walk wearing just flip flops or sneakers.

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